Ieee Mb White

Keynote Speakers

University of California, Santa Barbara, USA

Organic Semiconductors in Opto-electronic Devices

Organic semiconductors (OSCs) are a class of carbon-based materials comprising of alternate single and double bonds (conjugated pi-bonds). They can be synthesized to have band gaps from the UV to the near infrared regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. OSCs are attractive due to their unique properties: light weight, mechanical flexibility, low cost, low-temperature processing, and simple…

The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Osaka University

Ultra flexible elastic integrated circuit system for comprehensively monitoring brain activity

This paper reports the development of flexible and elastic electronic devices that are mainly composed of functional organic materials and brain‑activity monitoring systems. We developed two different brain‑activity monitoring systems. One is a sheet-type brain-wave sensor system (electroencephalogram: EEG) that can monitor brain waves by simply attaching the sensor to the forehead. The other is a

Flexterra Inc, IL, USA

Unconventional materials and platforms for stretchable transistor- and resistor-based sensors

Organic electronics is a technology enabling the fabrication of mechanically flexible/stretchable electronic circuits and devices using low-temperature, possibly additive, processing methodologies. In this presentation we report the development of novel materials, as well as thin-film engineering, for flexible and stretchable organic and inorganic thin film transistors and circuits. In particular

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