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Kaarle Jaakkola

VTT, Finland
Presenter Bio

Dr. Kaarle Jaakkola works as a senior scientist at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd
in a team called antennas and RF technologies. His research interests and expertise include RFID
systems, electronics, wireless and applied sensors, antennas, electromagnetic modelling and RF
technologies in general. He has e.g. developed RF parts for RFID systems and designed antennas
for both scientific use and commercial products. Antennas designed by him can be found in several
commercial RFID transponders and other wireless devices. He has authored and co-authored over
20 peer-reviewed journal and conference articles and he holds 10 patents as an inventor or a coinventor.

Abstract: Flexible and Transparent Solutions for Sensing Electronics and Electromagnetics
Flexible substrates and methods of attaching components as a roll-to-roll process have made it possible to implement fully flexible and conformable electronic devices. Wireless connectivity together with wireless charging of battery enable such structures e.g. to be overmolded with elastomers to provide hermetic seal. As an alternative to conventional flexible substrates such as polyimide, nanocellulose-polyurethane composite provides the possibility to tune the mechanical properties of the substrate by varying its composition, which is an important feature for wearable medical devices. As a promising alternative for conductor material, aluminium doped zinc oxide (AZO) can be used as a transparent conductor, e.g. to implement transparent antennas, but its thermoelectric properties are also potentially useful in energy harvesting or temperature sensing. In addition, the use of graphene has been studied to exploit its best properties in the field of flexible electronics.

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