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Focus Session 1, Focus Session Invited Speaker

Eva Melnik

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, Austria.
Presenter Bio

Eva Melnik, works at the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH as a scientist in the field of biosensor development for point-of-care.

She received her PhD in chemistry from the University of Vienna, Austria, in the field of surface modification of photonic sensors for biomedical applications. She is currently working on the advanced development of printed electrochemical sensors.

Her research interests include concepts for printable surface modification and On-Chip reagent integration to realize ready-to-use biosensors for medical use.

Abstract: Screen-Printed Amperometric biosensors: a Balancing Act of Manufacturing properties, Cost Efficiency and Sensitivity
Amperometric sensors can be used for many applications, as they can be excellently manufactured in roll-to-roll printing processes. However, careful material selection is of particular importance for high sensitivity and selectivity. For example, the choice of reference electrode material is critical to ensure potential stability, and the working electrode material must be selected to match the redox system used. For biosensor applications, the immobilisation of the receptor molecules via printing technologies must be ensured, on which the sensor materials have again a significant impact. To illustrate these challenges, examples are presented for the detection of small molecules, proteins and DNA.

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